BLONDEE'S EXPRESS cannot assume responsibility as agents for hotels and
other accommodations and cannot be held responsible for lack of performance
by proprietors or their staff.
All operations and their respective tariffs will be within the operating authority
assigned by the “Department of Transportation” and the “Maryland Public
Service Commission.” BLONDEE'S EXPRESS reserves the right to decline
acceptance of any person on our tours and also to make changes in itineraries
and prices.

Pickup Points:
Please be at your pickup point 10 minutes prior to departure.
4 Corners Plaza -
T's Corner Food Lion-
Pocomoke Walmart [behind Taylor Bank]
Ocean Pines Plaza- [near Shore Transit Shelter]

*Not all pickups available on all trips. Please check with the office when making
a reservation.

Please Note: Parking in any lot with public access is done so at your own risk.
BLONDEE'S EXPRESS cannot assume any responsibility for theft, damage,
vandalism, etc. that might occur to vehicles parked in any lot.

Price Information:
Prices quoted on overnight trips are per person, based on two people to a
room. We also have prices for single, triple and quad rooms when available.

In the event of increased diesel fuel costs, we reserve the right to impose a fuel
surcharge on our tours to cover these increased costs.

Deposits & Final Payments:

One-day tours: require FULL PAYMENT Per Person. . One-day tours involving a
ticket (Broadway Shows, Concerts, Sporting Events, etc.) are to be paid in full  
are then non-refundable.
Multi-day tours: require a $100.00 Per Person deposit. Deposits are required
within 14 days upon making reservation. Balance is due four (6) weeks prior to
departure. Some exceptions may apply.

***We do not accept credit card payments. Cash, check or money order only.***
We highly recommend you purchase trip cancellation insurance on all multi-day
trips and one-day trips involving special tickets.

Trip Cancellation Insurance:
No one likes to think about calamities that can happen before or during a trip,
but they do happen. To help you handle unforeseen travel headaches,
BLONDEE'S EXPRESS is now offering trip cancellation insurance through
Access America for an additional fee. Brochures are available upon request.
Trip cancellation insurance is recommended on multi-day trips, but not required.
(Please note: For preexisting conditions to be covered, insurance must be
purchsed within seven days of your deposit.)

Schedule Changes on tours:
Changes may occur, and in this event, we reserve the right to make any
changes in plans which may be necessary due to local conditions including
weather which may be for the betterment of the tour. This could be for a variety
of reasons; failure on the part of outside agencies to deliver accommodations,
admission tickets or other arrangements or unusual circumstances which are
beyond the control of BLONDEE'S EXPRESS. Itineraries may be changed to
benefit the quality of the tour at the discretion of BLONDEE'S EXPRESS.
Passengers will only be notified if there is an extreme change in the itinerary.
Cancellation policy will not be affected by changes in the itinerary.

Mail Payments:

Please include name, date of trip and return address

In the event you must cancel a tour that involves a non-refundable ticket, a
refund will only be issued if the ticket can be re-sold before the departure date.
BLONDEE'S EXPRESS reserves the right to cancel a tour if less than 18
reservations have been made. Some exceptions may apply.

Seats assigned as payment is received ,in full, by all in your party No exceptions.

Smoking & Alcohol on Bus:
For the comfort of all, we maintain a no smoking policy. However, for those
passengers who wish to smoke, frequent rest stops are provided. No alcoholic
beverages are permitted on any tour.

Proof of Citizenship:
Proof of citizenship is required on all tours traveling outside the United States,
including travel to Canada. All U.S. citizens who are 16 and older traveling
between the U.S. and Canada by land or sea (including ferries), will be required
to present a valid passport, passport card, or Frequent Traveler card (NEXUS,
SENTRI, FAST). U.S. and Canadian citizens who are 15 years old or younger
may travel with just a copy of their birth certificate.
BLONDEE'S EXPRESS is not responsible for anyone who does not have the
proper documents or forgets their paperwork the day of the trip. If you are not a
citizen of the U.S., you are responsible for determining what identification you
will need to enter Canada. Please check with U.S. Customs and the Border
Protection for this policy is subject to change by the U.S. Government and
Canada without notice.

The question often comes up about tipping for the drivers and escorts. The final
success of any tour depends on the kind of job the driver and escort does. And,
since both perform in an unsupervised environment, tipping is a way of
showing your driver and escort the kind of job they are doing. As a standard in
the industry, it is recommended that gratuity be
$3.00 Per Person per day. As an
example, a 3-day tour would justify a $9.00 tip. When you compare this to giving
a bellboy $2.00 to take your bag to your room or 15% to a waitress, the amount
tipped to your driver and escort becomes more meaningful. It is these people
who look after your safety, comfort and enjoyment for often 10-12 hours per day.
Of course, it goes without saying the amount of gratuity always reflects the kind
of job performed.

Passengers are permitted one large suitcase per person. Also, a small carry-
on piece will be permitted, but passengers are responsible for such items.

Don’t expect everything to be the same on tour as it is at home. After all, the
point of traveling is often to experience new and interesting things.